Welcome to Photo Surgeon, specialists in digital photo restoration and repair. The one stop solution to restoring treasured memories whilst leaving your original picture unaffected. In the past, if you requested a photo repair, your original would be glued, painted, cut and sliced with all of your faith and memories on the line in the hope of a professional finish. With modern technology and skills, your original picture can be scanned into a digital format and repaired using specialist skills. We then reproduce a duplicate with all the damage removed and the clarity of the image restored.


If you, like many of our customers, have special memories locked away in the attic or hiding away in a photo album due to the ravages of time, we can bring your photos back to their best. Many of us have photographs we value of Parents, Grandparents or more distant relatives and friends from times gone by. Sun bleaching, fading, rips and tears, scratches or size and clarity issues can all be removed to give you a photograph you are proud to display with your original picture safe and sound.


At Photo Surgeon, we can remove damage and restore happy, displayable memories. We can even resize, reposition and crop your image, remove distracting or unwanted items or background distractions. We can also add colour to black and white photos to bring them to life.


Visit 'View our work' for examples of recent work, our guide to 'How we work' with you or 'Contact us' with enquiries or for further information.


Assessment of your photo is free of charge if you email or upload a scan or picture of your photo.  Assessment of your original can be arranged with a small returns charge if you don’t proceed.